What we do:

We advocate for underserved populations with an emphasis on reducing heath disparities
for people of African descent as well as low-income communities.

We serve as a think tank, gathering, developing and making available resources to benefit
healthcare providers, patients and the community at large.

We conduct research on pressing health issues and develop innovative strategies to address
these issues. We then incubate, test and refine these strategies, with the goal of creating
replicable models for use in other communities.

whatwedoWe implement successful strategies in our model clinic support their deployment in our partner practices and encourage their dissemination to other communities where they may be of value.

We develop data-driven, practical policy recommendations that promote broad access to high-quality, affordable,culturally competent and innovative care.

We convene stakeholders and facilitate interaction between safety net providers,health advocates and policy makers in pursuit of improving the entire continuum of care for underserved individuals.

We provide information and resources to foster accessible, culturally competent care delivery.

We promote the development of service delivery models that lead to increased community economic empowerment and self-determination.